Dan Kennedy

Project Manager

“As the final responsibility holder of the homes I’m assigned to, I get to use my favorite talent – detail management. I enjoy problem solving and keeping my projects on schedule and done to as near perfection as possible. I really couldn’t be happier working anywhere else. Seriously. In a way, my job is pretty simple:  Pay close attention to the details, and keep communication clear. My homeowners know they can call me any time with any question or concern. This is what assures a happy client, and that’s our bottom line – every day.”


Charlie Miller

Project Manager

“I actually started college with the goal of computer engineering. Working for the Balmers during summer vacations, though, I discovered how much I loved building  or remodeling houses. I realized that I was very much an engineer, but that my passion was engineering the systems that are required in building a home on time, and within the budget allowed, and still retain the highest quality. So, I graduated with a degree in project management, and now I have the best job in the world. There is nothing I would change about our business. We always have our customers as our highest priority, so every one of my clients have my personal phone number.”

Priscilla Balmer

Office Manager

“It’s with great intention that our business not only is partially family-owned, but that we operate as a close and caring family, too. Growing our personal families and this family of Lands End, we try to perform each day with the Golden Rule. We interpret this to mean that we care for our client needs as though they were our own. My grandchildren, gardening, craftwork and guitar keep me busy when I’m not in the office, but when I’m at work, my mission is keeping the office running smoothly so that everyone else can focus on pleasing our customers.”

Brian Engen

Partner: Estimating/Accounting

I’m a registered CPA with a degree in accounting. My job is to keep everyone on the same page regarding the financial aspect of every home we build. I owe it to our clients to be as transparent as possible when accounting for every dollar spent. There should never be any surprises at the end of a project. The trust and confidence our customers give us is highly regarded. I feel that what has built this business… Lands End Development, is that everyone here is up front and communicates clearly. Being a life-long resident of Crosslake, I truly care about the community in which my family has been involved for as long as I can remember. I live here with my wife and children in a restored 150-year-old hand-hewn log farmhouse. I understand “the dream” of creating a home.

Matt Balmer

Partner: Sales and Marketing

“What’s my ‘claim to fame?’, I really want to believe it’s honesty. It’s the word that means the most to me and what I want our business to be based on. I had been raised to understand that in the end, only kindness matters. This means that running the business is much more fun when you strive to make those around you – employees and customers alike – feel good about their environment and that you genuinely care about any concerns they may have. I guess it’s the ‘What goes around, comes around’ theory. What makes me happiest is time with my close and loving family, but here at Lands End, it’s knowing that my clients are getting the best value possible on their biggest investment of all – their home. What makes our business different on the face is the ‘cool factor’ that we design into our homes – the designs, the ultimate functionality. But at the heart of it all is that we try to be as honest with each other and especially our homeowners. It’s just the right thing to do.

Jon Fogarty

Partner: Project Coordinator

The other partners and I have been very good friends for so many years. I think this is why our clients feel confident in our work. They sense the close teamwork that goes into building their home. Each of us have our own skill sets and talents, but when they all come together with the client’s goals in mind, it’s really fun to see the quality that comes out of it. At home it’s all about my wife and children, and I do enjoy crafting furniture and cabinetry, But here at work, I’m the dot-connector. I see to it that no detail escapes. They call me the ‘get-it-done-guy’. I like that. Lands End has consistently been the forefront in our region, designing and building very leading edge homes. But I really think that the reason we win so many clients is because they see that we mean it when we demonstrate true value. Word gets around that we earn our client’s trust and confidence. I wouldn’t change anything about our company. Just knowing that everyone here is doing their very best at building the highest quality homes within the budget established, keeps us busy and happy.

Jeff Balmer

Partner: Project Designer

“People tell us our homes stand out from the others being built in our region – not just because they have a unique yet timeless design, but how they fit the site, the sense of workmanship, and the details that finish the building. From the start we made the decision to go the extra miles it takes to give our clients more than they hoped. The mark of our true success is that we have earned the trust of our clients. I’m just as proud of the relationships we've built with our homeowners as the homes themselves. I think people can sense that we are as truthful and honest as we can - which is why they end up choosing to hire us.”

“I love this business. It’s exciting – every day. We’re designing homes that turn people on. We bring fresh ideas to the table, and offer unique, problem-solving designs. From the first time I get to meet a client, to “walking through” a 3-D version of the house plans with the owners, to the sense of satisfaction knowing our reputation is second to none in our region, what’s not to like here? But you know, it’s really all about the people that work with us. From those who keep track of the financial matters, to those who place the last piece of trim, we just have a great group of people here; and everyone knows that with happy, satisfied clients, our business will continue to prosper.”

Field Staff

Talented Technicians & Artisans

The reality of Lands End beautiful homes can only be achieved with the most talented technicians and artisans. Because of our reputation for building the most creative homes in our region, we have had the great fortune to attract the best in the business. Our field staff has significant mutual trust and confidence in each other. This is the cornerstone of true teamwork and the essence of effective group effort. The pride we have in our homes comes through these craftsmen and women.

Erin Tadych

Interior Designer

“My title is almost as much of who I am as what I do. As I completed my four-year degree in Interior Design, I also sold real estate to get a better understanding of the housing industry in general. Working for a high-end custom homebuilder in Minnetonka gave me the strong basis that has shaped my career. I guess I hadn’t planned on moving to the “North Country”, but after a number of years here, it sure has been rewarding in so many ways. Working for Lands End is the perfect opportunity to marry the best of who I am and where I live. I work with the most creative, amazing people: both my colleagues, and our clients. Designing a lake-home is very meaningful. It’s our client’s dreams, and I’m honored to be a part of creating the showcase homes Lands End is so famous for.”