Our Company

Creating beautiful, efficient, and purposeful structures is in our blood. We take great pride in creating custom homes that not only reflect the owners’ personalities, needs, and wants, but meet their high standards of functionality as well. It is our goal to make sure that our client’s satisfaction is meticulously fulfilled each and every time.

But telling one’s story is never easy. How did we get where we are today…what makes us tick?

As fourth generation builders, Matt and Jeff Balmer have spent much of their lives around residential construction. In fact, some of their earliest memories are playing in sand piles at job sites while Mom and Dad were meeting with clients or doing a final clean-up. While in college, they chose to take a different path and founded a company that manufactured custom rustic furniture and architectural home details. Through that experience of working with clients, interior designers, architects, and craftsmen, they learned that quality, creativity, value, and service all play an integral part of any truly remarkable company. These are the four values that have defined this company and who we are today.

In 2003, Matt and Jeff had grown their rustic furniture company to one of the largest in the nation. But with that success came the daily obligations of running a business, which left them less and less time for the creative side of things–where their passion lies. They made the decision to sell their company and go back to their roots where they could be creative and “hands on” once again.

But before they would dive into crafting homes, they invited Brian Engen (CPA) and Jon Fogarty (Project Manager) to join the partnership–understanding the need for expert financial accountability, reliable scheduling, and incomparable tracking of the details. Still today, these four partners and friends combine their specialized talents together to exceed the clients’ expectations in every facet of the process.

We pride ourselves on catering to every size home and budget, knowing that circumstances are as unique as the homes our clients dream of. Our philosophy has always been to build the very finest home possible for every customer, do it within the determined financial parameters, and complete the project on time with utmost attention to every detail.

We are passionate about our homes. We are proud of them–every one of them. We invite you to look through our portfolio. We hope you notice the individualized designs, highly personalized floor planning, and the dedicated attention to every detail. Nothing makes us prouder, than when we complete each project and receive genuine approval from our clients.

We truly love what we do. At Lands End, we are thrilled to help people take their own dreams of a future home or renovation and work with them to make those dreams a reality. We have been in this highly competitive industry for nearly a decade now and have built and remodeled over 150 homes (including our own) using those four simple principals: Quality, Creativity, Value, and Service.